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    Call for type | New typeface
    by Lukas Wezel

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    Virtual reality will solve all of the world’s problems. Yup.

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    josef albers

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  7. "Creativity takes courage."
    — Henri Matisse (via looklistenintuition)
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    Gerhard Richter (b. 1932, Dresden, Germany) - Ohne Titel (1. April ‘05), 2005     Oil on Photograph

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    Andrew Masullo

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    Camouflage. by Annie Wu. on Flickr.

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    Crafted. Roasted barley and hops. We were invited by Landor to lend our skills to a branding project for the 2014 AAF CincinAddys, highlighting the makers and crafters of Cinci. Check out the beautiful video teaser and additional iterations at their website. Brewtiful.

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    FRANZ KLINE, Untitled, 1950-52. Ink on cut and pasted papers. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, USA. / The Prodigious Century

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    Typography ( Design:SasakiShun )

    Poster by Shun Sasaki

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    Typomofo Type Morphing into Forms.

    This book is a collection of work by international designers who explored the anatomy of typefaces. I developed a custom version of Bodoni in clay as the type for the divider pages. The rest of the book is typeset in Filosofia by Zuzanna Licko, which is a modern, interpretation of Bodoni as well and allows for setting in smaller sizes.

    Get here:


    UK: http://amzn.to/16vJrA8

    i need this

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